SQL 2016 : Live Query statistics

Posted: 23/08/2015 in SQL 2016
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This is the one of the coolest feature I have seen while going through new features of SQL 2016. When we analyze performance of a query, we always seek help of actual execution plan. But the main disadvantage I have seen for actual execution plan is “We have to wait until query completes”, if the query took 10 minutes we have to wait till that time to see the details of the query.

After the arrival of Live query statistics, Microsft has over come the issue. now with this new feature in SQL 2016 will provide you a real time experience of execution plan while running a query. The new execution plan would show which part of the predicate is being used at a point of time.

The below screen shot shows the preview of a query plan


note : The above picture is a merged one to show both tool bar and query execution , tool bars would be disabled while query running.

  1. suneersusaeri says:

    Great…nice words…easy to understand…
    we can use this live query execution through activity monitor also…
    there are some drawbacks also which are:
    1)Column store indexes are not supported
    2)Memory-optimized tables are not supported
    3)Pre-compiled stored procedures are not supported

    Expectiing more from you…


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