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We have discussed about Template explorer in previous post.Are you still expecting little more customization in it ??

Yes we do have it.

If you have selected a particular template then go to “Query” menu and select “Specify values for ….” or Ctrl + Shift + M.


Once you have selected the option you will get a window based on the template available in the query window.


All you have to do is to fill the values as per your need ( column name, table name, database name etc.)


Once you have done with the entering of values in newly available window just click on “OK” button to effect the changes in query.


Hope you have enjoyed to have a tip to Lazy 🙂


How many of You Searched “Google” to add a column or Drop a constraint ?.

We weren’t searching for the functionality we were searching for syntax, isn’t it ??

If the Syntax is already available in SQL, do we ever think about Google ??

Yes it is there, see the below picture.

Template _explorer